Priority Matters

March 8, 2019

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

Perhaps you think God is not concerned about the things that matter to you. You find it hard to pray about your desires, your hopes, your dreams—especially if they have a financial component. You feel like you can trust God to hear your spiritual and maybe even relational request, some health requests—but finances and possessions? You think you are probably on your own there.

That’s not true. That’s false thinking that will make true satisfaction elusive. God is concerned about everything that matters to you. He wants you to have fulfillment, joy, and have some dreams come true. He is not opposed to you having nice things and doing fun things. It’s a matter of priority.

What comes first is a big deal. What is first determines what else can happen. What happens first determines the resources, energy, and even personnel available for anything that follows. What comes first must be chosen very well because it determines everything else that follows.

The God who made you, loves you best, wants personal fulfillment throughout your whole life and into eternity for you, has all wisdom. He knows what will truly satisfy you, He loves to fulfill you, and He has all the wisdom and power to make those things happen. He says the way to personal fulfillment and desires met is to put Him and the things that matter most to Him first. Make them your number-one priority. He says then He will make YOU His number one priority, and He will make sure that all the things you need are added to your life. He can get it done. God can do more in five minutes than I can do in five years. It’s only smart to make Him number one.

  • Priority matters. Honestly, where do you think God sees Himself and the things that matter to Him in the priority ranking of your life? If you see anything that is out of order, start fixing it today. He is committed to you.