Search Me

January 11, 2022

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. Psalm 139:23-24 NLT

Researchers tell us that today’s population is craving authenticity more than ever. In a world of celebrity endorsements, sponsored posts, and paid influencers, consumers are skeptical. In a culture where “truth” varies according to the teller, where impression seems greater than reality, and relationships fall prey to the lack of vulnerability and authenticity, even the hearts of people who are participants in the charades and pretense want more. 90% of millennials, 85% of Gen Xers, and 80% of Boomers say authentic and real is much preferred over “perfect and packaged.”

The odd paradox is that we want it in others but find it hard to follow for ourselves, even in relationship with God. We find it easier to focus on how we look to others instead of how we truly are to God and ourselves. It’s more comfortable and easier in the short run to pretend or hide from ourselves; to cloak our motives and intents.

But David found what we all must discover for life to flourish and for us to fulfill God’s ultimate and perfect plans for us. We must become bold enough—courageous enough to willingly welcome God into the deepest parts of our hearts and lives. As we open ourselves up to Him with the courageous prayer, “Search me!,” we drop our defenses so He can communicate with us about what He sees and knows. Then we grow in health and life that is really life.

When we are authentic in our relationship with God, we welcome Him to assess us, to know us, to be fully aware of our anxieties and concerns. We are eager for the Holy Spirit to make us aware of anything that is offensive or less than God’s best for us. Our deep desire becomes for God to lead us in the path of everlasting life—life that begins now and lasts forever.

It begins as we drop our pretenses. We quit “chinning up,” wearing the brave face, and saying all is well. We own that there are pockets of inauthenticity in us, and we yearn for God to search them out, making us His vey own people of integrity in the world. It honors Him, satisfies us, and wins the world.

  • God, search me. This is hard for me to say, and it scares me to get completely real with You. But I want to know You deeply, and I know complete openness with You is essential. Know my anxieties, my thoughts, my flaws, and my sins. Point out clearly to me where I am off the mark with You and others. I want to know and be known by You. Help me walk with You in integrity. Amen.