Just Say No

November 24, 2022

Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. 1 Timothy 6:6 NLT

I grew up in the church as a pastor’s daughter and have served in the church all my adult life. I know just how sensitive people can be about money. I know that some will claim all the church talks about is money. I’m going to agree that I can see why sometimes it seems like it. I said seems like that’s all we talk about. After all, this is the fourteenth devotional in a row that has had financial overtones or themes. 😊

But I say “seems like” because it’s not really about money. It’s about our hearts. Jesus said that our heart is where our treasure is, our idol is what gets our focus, and our master is what we serve. Jesus indicated that His greatest rival for our hearts is what we can gather for ourselves. He talked about money so much because He wants our hearts. When He has our hearts we get what we really need. We are content, no longer restless and feeling there must be something better, bigger, or newer to fulfill us.

I just had a birthday. Do you know how old I am? I am old enough to remember when people wore shoes until they wore out. The same with clothes. I remember that when your flashlight quit burning you got a new battery, not a new flashlight. I am so old that I remember when my parents got the appliances fixed instead of buying new ones. I remember all kinds of weird things we used to fix and keep using. So why does a girl raised in that way have a perfectly good phone that looks brand new and can do more than any self-respecting adult should expect from a hand-size device get a nagging desire to upgrade as soon as the ads start touting a new version? Do you realize that the average American never pays off their phone, their vehicle, or their home before they trade it in to upgrade? Fact-check me. That’s true. What does that say about us?

I think Paul would tell us that it means we can give plenty of reasons why or make many excuses, but the bottom line is that we have not comprehended this foundational truth: Following God by living in contentment is great wealth. Contentment immediately makes you rich because it takes what you have and makes it abundantly enough. You don’t need more, better, newer, bigger to be happy. What you have is enough.

With contentment, your riches include less stress, more time, more money, better relationships, self-respect, more opportunities to do good and be generous, less comparison, a closer relationship with God, and more. The poorest person in the world is the one who has more than enough but isn’t content. But a godly person who is contented has great wealth.

  • How do I rate on the contentment meter?