DISCOVER Track step four: BUILD

February 23, 2020 | 9 a.m.

Want to fulfill God’s plan for your life but not sure where to start? DISCOVER Track was designed to provide clarity and direction to anyone longing for a clearer sense of God’s purpose. It consists of four steps, one step each Sunday, and you can jump in at any time and in any order. You’ll explore ways to Know God Better, Find Greater Freedom, Discover YOUR Purpose, and Make a Difference. Each step is only 60 minutes, and kids go to their regular environment.

In step four, discover more about yourself and the unique plan God has for your life. Learn how to develop and use your unique gifts, personality and skills to make a difference through the local church. Step four takes place the fourth Sunday of every month, and you can just show up.

Adult Meeting Room
Millersburg Campus
8882 SR 39
Millersburg, OH

Dan Wigton