Our Team

Campus Support Team

Dwight Mason

Lead Pastor

Steve Gross

Executive Pastor of Experience

Rick Penny

Executive Pastor of Operations

Melissa Brown

Senior Executive Director

Todd Colucy

Director of Business Operations

Cindy Colucy

Director of Communications

Luke Levesque

Director of Information Technology

Aaron Dowell

Missions and Service Director

Craig Miller

Director of Human Resources

Andy Wing

Director of Adult Ministries

Jessica Mast

Asst. Director of Next Gen

Scott Compton

Online Campus Pastor

Nate Alderfer

First Impressions Director

Sarah Alderfer

Staff Development Director

Jerry Vacha

Director of Facilities and Security

Jordan Morehart

NewPointe Kids Curriculum Coordinator

Anita Ballentine

Accounting Coordinator

Dave Mast

Tech Ops Director

Nik Mateer

Tech Ops Support Specialist

Mabel Schrock

Information Technology Coordinator

Heather Foster

Lead Campus Coordinator

Tyler Snyder

Student Programming & Online Production Director

Trevor Burke

App & Web Developer

Brandee Monroe

Graphic Designer

Alissa Snyder

Social Media Coordinator

Halie Baer

Communications & Weekend Experience Coordinator

Jane Miller

Central Services Support

Patrick Campbell

Video Production Lead

Jarrid Westfall

Video Producer

Patty Mason

Volunteer Development Lead

Danny Bunnelle

Music Director

Jeremy McKenzie

Lead Production Director

Timothy Brown

Production Intern

Garrett Ohler

Central Production Director

Caleb Mason

Project Manager

Dover Campus

Kraig Anderson

Campus Pastor

Kati Cekosh

Campus Coordinator

Missi Wing

Kids Director (Birth-Pre-K)

Brian Cates

Kids Director (K-Grade 5)

Jamie Bowland

Students Director

Gabe Brown

Students Intern

Kyle Alt

Adult Ministry Director

Joe Schulz

Assimilation & Pastoral Care Director

Elizabeth Lauber

Care Network Director

Gabe Johnson

Production Director

Barbara Knecht

Campus Care Coordinator

Jean Vacha

Food Services Coordinator

Zach Gwyer

Facilities Director

Jay Bedillion

Exterior Facilities Support

Lea Weaver

Facilities Support

Cambridge Campus

Evan Greathouse

Campus Pastor

Tami Larrick

Volunteer Coordinator

Landon Boggs

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Canton Campus

Chad Yoder

Campus Pastor

Bri Foster

Campus Coordinator

Tate Foster

Worship and Creative Arts Director

Ben Beadle

Production Director

Meredith Mateer

Kids Director

Jon Mason

Students Director

Tim Hart

Facilities Supervisor

Coshocton Campus

Rob Campbell

Campus Pastor

Carrie Conrad

Campus Coordinator

Sam Massey

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Cody Ballard

Next Gen Director

Millersburg Campus

Dan Wigton

Campus Pastor

Nicole Strouse

Campus Coordinator

Jared Baer

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Josh Morehart

Production Director

Bobbi Freeman

Kids Director

Josh Morris

Students Director

Ray Owens

Facilities Supervisor

Wooster Campus

Jonathan Wood

Campus Pastor and Director of Experience

Jacquie Hatfield

Campus Coordinator

Steve Lowry

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Dana Visocky

Kids Director

Kevin Lanzone

Students Director

David Schwartz

Production and Facilities Director