Tips for meeting digitally

To make meeting digitally as easy as possible, consider doing the following:

1. Create a free online account through a video-conferencing platform. Here are some options:
2. Host a 60- to 90-minute video meeting with your members to…
  • Check in with your group.
  • Pray together.
  • Discuss the Talk It Over guide or use one of the great studies in RightNow Media.
3. Follow these tips for meeting digitally:
  • Jump online early to make sure your video and audio are working.
  • Sit close to the screen.
  • Good lighting goes a long way.
  • Avoid eating or getting up during group.
  • Turn off any potential distractions ahead of time so you can be fully engaged.
  • Since background noise can cause feedback and static noise on your call, group members should mute themselves when they are not talking to eliminate feedback.

Reach out to your local NewPointe campus if you have any questions!