We are committed to creating environments that are conducive for people to be equipped and encouraged to pursue three vital relationships:

Everything we do points back to one of these relationships

What's Your Next Step?

As followers of Christ, our desire to reach our full potential isn't accomplished in a day's time. Each step we take will lead us closer to becoming the person God created us to be. Here at NewPointe, we've created different options to help you take the next step in growing your faith. It is our desire that as you move forward, you will experience a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.

The local church is the hope of the world, living and teaching the truth of Jesus Christ. We've seen firsthand the impact NewPointe has made in individual lives and our community as a whole. Thousands of volunteers make this possible; people regularly sharing their time and talents to serve their church and community. If serving is your next step, we'd like to help. NewPointe is dedicated to helping you discover your spiritual gifts and providing opportunities to use them in ministry to others.

Becoming a fully-devoted follower doesn't happen in a moment. It happens over a time of faithful study with other followers. DISCOVER provides a series of next steps for individuals looking to grow in their faith. We believe you need a strong foundation. DISCOVER helps to set the foundation.

• DISCOVER My Church
• DISCOVER Spiritual Habits
• DISCOVER My Spiritual Gifts
• DISCOVER How To Share My Faith

Are you new to NewPointe? Maybe this is your first visit. Or perhaps you've been attending services for a while, but you're still trying to get the lay of the land. New to NewPointe is the next step for you. This gathering, led by our campus pastor, provides an overview of who we are, what we believe, and better still, how you can get involved!

You've just heard an inspiring message. Now what? We encourage getting together with two or more people to discuss how to apply what you've learned. Small Groups provide an opportunity to gather with other believers to share and process the challenges of everyday life within the context of God's Word . . . and have fun at the same time! We weren't meant to do life alone and we all need a place to belong. With a sizable selection of established Small Groups, we have a place for you. If finding a Small Group is your next step, we'd be happy to get you connected!

No matter where you are in your faith journey, NewPointe is committed to providing opportunities for growth. Campus Groups are presented periodically throughout the year to offer large group teaching on a variety of topics including marriage, finances, and parenting. Built into this format are small group discussions to help you connect relationally while you grow spiritually. Check here for a schedule of upcoming Campus Groups. This could be your next step!