Kingdom Come February 16, 2018

Big Point: When you are submitted to God's will, you can ask for anything.

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

Jesus tells us about a good Father and a bad Father. The bad father is the Evil One, the one who has been a liar and a spoiler from the beginning. The good Father is good beyond anything our minds can comprehend. He planned for us and created us in love, and has nothing but truth, grace, and love for us.

It follows, then, that there is a good kingdom, and a bad kingdom. The bad kingdom is the one currently dominating the world and culture where we live. It is ruled by Satan, the bad father. He is the source of lies, discontent, racism, inequality, wars, fights, and hatred—it all flows from him. We all desperately want a change—but this old kingdom cannot be rehabilitated or restored. The evil comes from the top, and all the laws and policies we enact in our culture will not change that.

The other kingdom is the one ruled by the good, good Father. God's kingdom is called "heaven.” God's kingdom is the place that perfectly reflects His character and values. It is the place where things operate the way He wants them to be. It’s a good and perfect place because it reflects His character—it radiates joy, truth, health, light, and shalom.

In His kingdom, people don't lie or cheat. They don’t manipulate. They love the truth because He is there and He is truth. They don’t use or abuse each other because God, the King, is love. Everything you could possibly desire or need in a kingdom is how it is there. Nothing that would hurt or harm you exists there. That's why Jesus taught us to pray that the kingdom would come to earth just as it is in heaven.

John Ortberg says it like this: “May up there come down here.” Here’s the thing: We are the answer to that prayer. As we surrender to Him, as we submit to His will and character, we are answering the prayer for God to arrange things down here, just like He does up there. We are answering our own desire for people to treat each other on earth as we will treat each other in heaven.

What a prayer. What a plan. What a privilege.

  • Pray: Father, in my heart, in my home, at my work, in my relationships—may Your kingdom come and Your will be done today. I am Yours.

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