The One Thing I Know March 29, 2017

Big Point: Everyone has a unique story that God can use to lead others to Jesus.

“One thing I do know: I was blind, and now I see.” John 9:25b

Jesus was always responsive to the needs around Him. He was consistently interested in making a real and transforming difference in the lives of people, while so many of the religious people, including His disciples, were more interested in theological debate. One day they came across a blind man. The disciples immediately wanted to discuss why he happened to be blind, sure it must have something to do with someone’s sin. Jesus wasn’t interested in WHY he was blind; he was interested in restoring his sight.

That’s what Jesus did. He healed the blind man, and this amazing miracle was immediately the talk of the town. People could hardly believe he was the same man, and Jesus’ critics began to question Him over and over. They wanted to talk theology, criticize Jesus, and question His authority. The healed man refused to be baited into an argument or intimidated by his lack of knowledge. He simply stuck to what he knew and what Jesus had done. He just told his own story. He said, “One thing I do know. I was blind, and now I see.”

True transformation always attracts attention and interest. People have questions and comments. We don’t need to worry about how much we know or don’t know. The only thing we need to do is stick to our own story and tell what Jesus has done for us. There’s no benefit in arguments or getting derailed with things we don’t know. Our story is our greatest asset. “This one thing I know. I used to be _____________, and now I am ________________, and Jesus is the one who did it.”

  • What’s your before and after story?
  • What has Jesus done for you that you can share?
  • Ask Jesus to help you when you have an opportunity to just stick to your personal facts and not be intimidated or argumentative.
  • Your story has power! Share it with confident joy!

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