Goin’ to the Chapel June 23, 2017

Big Point: We are called to expose our children and others to the personal presence, power, people, and purpose of God.

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

Was there ever have a period of time in your life when you didn’t want to go to church? What happened? How old were you? Why didn’t you want to go?

God’s desire is that we love to get together with the rest of our family—other believers. Authentic Christian community is affirming, encouraging, strengthening, and growing. When the local church is operating right, it IS the hope of the world because we are all built for relationships—first with God, and then with others. If you have relationships that make you better, help you face your fears, give you encouragement for your hard times, and celebrate with you in your good times, you want to be where those people are.

David had that. He wanted to go to the house of the Lord to worship and connect with God, of course. But he wanted to celebrate with others as well. The people of the family of God were significant to him! He says in the Psalm above that all the people of God in Jerusalem went to the house of the Lord, and he wanted to be there to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and celebrate with family and friends. He said, “I was glad when they said it was time to go to the house of the Lord, and now here we stand!”

God wants that to be your experience, and one you share with others. Loving being the church, and being with the church, is God’s plan for you. A great church family and experience is a terrific gift to give your family.

  • Is there anything you could do to help your family have better weekend experiences? (Preparation, etc.).
  • Whom do you know who needs your church? Invite them this week.

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