It’s a Trademark February 17, 2017

Big Point: When you see as God sees, you will do what God says.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

Rivalries. Sports rivalries are huge. They don’t stay in the heart. The team you love is a topic of conversation, sometimes even trash talk, and if you are a true fan, you start wearing the gear. Ohio State fans wouldn’t be caught dead in the dark blue and gold of Michigan, their arch rival. A non-sports fan, someone who isn’t part of the rivalry, wouldn’t see it that way. “Why won’t you wear that T-shirt? It’s just a shirt!” A true fan knows that is false. What you wear reveals your true loyalty – where your heart is.

That’s the way God sees it, too. He says that the way we handle our money is our team gear. It shows where our heart and loyalties really are. What’s in our heart will come out of us and become our trademark.

Think about the money you had at your disposal this past week. What’s the trademark you showed – telling where your heart is? Starbucks? Best Buy? Kohl’s? Walmart? A hobby?

Where you spend your treasure shouts your trademark. Make your #1 priority the kingdom of God. Let your “team gear” give you pride and send a message, too.

  • It’s been said that your checkbook/bank statement is your most accurate testimony. What do you think about that? If it’s true, what is yours saying?
  • Treasure is bigger than a tithe. It’s all I have. God wants me to enjoy life, but He wants me to see my treasure through His eyes because I have His heart. It’s my responsibility to care for my resources the way He would if He was writing the checks and spending the money. He was a lover of His Father, people, and life. How can the way I use my resources imitate Him?
  • Pray: Lord, I want the use of my resources, my treasure, to shout to the world, “I am TEAM JESUS!”

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