No Doubles

March 13, 2019

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24

It’s not unusual for someone to take a second job, especially if they are trying to make quick financial progress. Dave Ramsey even recommends that in Financial Peace. It’s a tricky situation to have more than one job, though. What if there are time and energy conflicts? What if the businesses are competitors? The fact is that one of your jobs will be your preferred one and will get more of your heart and attention than the other. Working two jobs has so many complications in it that many companies require agreement that you will not take a second job. Others require you to get permission and clear the details up front. Most large corporations have a “do not compete” clause in their employment contract for their executives.

Jesus says that in the fight for our first love, we cannot have two jobs. No doubling up. You can’t chase after money and be devoted to it and try to serve Him as well. Money/possessions and Jesus are competitors for our hearts, and Jesus makes it clear up front. He has a “do not compete” clause in the contract—He won’t be one of our bosses—it is Him and Him alone, or not at all.

When He is the only one we serve, and when following Him gets our priority always because serving Him is our one and only calling in life, we see the other things we do as a PART of following and serving Him. They are always subservient to Him; no conflict. If there’s conflict, they must go, because Jesus is not just the FIRST boss, His is the only voice we follow. That lowers confusion and conflict and builds contentment.

When you try to do two, it equals confusion. When you choose ONE, just Jesus, life becomes directed and purposeful.

  • Do you experience tension in your life from trying to follow something along with Jesus?
  • What do you sense Jesus is asking you to do about it?
  • Pray and ask Jesus what will improve your focus and trust, then do it.