Follow Me, and I Will Make You…

September 8, 2020

Jesus: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 NKJV

How do you think a person who doesn’t understand Jesus’ call for us to be fishers of men would finish the following sentences after watching most believers’ lives?

Maybe…   “I will make you nicer.” 

                  “I will make you better.”         

                  “I will make you victorious over bad habits.”     

                  “I will make your reputation stronger.”

                  “I will make you happier.”

                  “I will make you dress differently.”

What would you say? None of those things are bad, but none of those changes were the priority of Jesus. When He thought of transformation, He immediately thought of the priority and mission of our lives. Normally, humans wander through life with very inferior, temporary, and insignificant priorities, OR, they have very self-focused goals. Their energies are mostly spent on themselves and their own private pursuits.

But when Jesus called people to follow Him, He said that the most significant transformation He would work in their lives is that they would be fishers of men. Think of what that entails. Fishermen who actually succeed, prioritize the activity. They get close to the fish, they commit to a specific time, not just random, spur-of-the-moment fishing. They use the right bait and the right equipment. They are patient and expect the results to take some time.

How does that translate to fishing for men? It must be a priority. I have to plan for it and not just expect fishing for souls to be something that will happen without effort. I have to make sure I plan to go where the people are. I invite them. I make certain to have the right bait—acceptance, investment, and value. I have to be prepared with friendship and love. I commit to a process that will “build a bridge strong enough to bear the weight of truth.” When I do that, Jesus will keep His word and do the supernatural work of continuing what I started. I will be successful at fishing for men.

  • What have you made your major priority for transformation?  
  • Have you become an active fisherman for Him yet?
  • Acknowledge that this is what He wants from you, and make the commitment to follow Him in obedience.