God’s Wisdom

October 7, 2020

Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways! Romans 11:33 NLT

Have you ever heard anyone say, “When I get to heaven, I’m going to ask Jesus why…,” and then insert a situation they didn’t understand, didn’t think was fair, didn’t seem loving to them? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. I have. After a while of thinking like that, I began to get a slightly different perspective. I realized that I would understand some things better when I see Jesus than I do now, and my statement changed to, “If it still matters to me when I get to heaven, I’m going to ask Jesus.…”

But today I’m fairly certain neither of those will be true for me. As I have grown in my intimacy with Jesus and my peace has increased, I have become aware that I likely won’t ask Him anything like that. Areas where I doubted His wisdom, or when I was disappointed with His answers and wondered about His knowledge, will long have disappeared from my “issues” list.  

When our firstborn child got her first vaccination, I felt terrible handing her over to the nurse, watching her little body stiffen up and her wails begin. Heavy sobs shook her whole body, and she seemed to completely stop breathing as she caught deep breaths between her wails. She looked at me, it seemed, with disbelief that I hadn’t protected her. I imagined that she was brokenhearted that I had done this to her. But, as I am sure you realize, as she grew she never once asked me about it. Our relationship was deep, loving, and intimate, and the pain I allowed into her life became a non-issue. As she matured, she knew that everything her dad and I did for her, we did in love for her best interests. She knew we had made decisions based on wisdom that was beyond her understanding.  

That’s the way it is with God. The more we mature in our relationship with Him, the more we understand that His love is so great, He will only do what is best for us. His wisdom and knowledge are so great, He KNOWS what is best. His power is so great, He is able to do what is best. We don’t have to worry, question, or even understand.  

The wisdom it takes to understand why God does what He does and allows what He allows is above my pay grade. But when I rest in Him, it doesn’t matter. I can trust Him and have peace even when I don’t understand.  

  • Pray: God, forgive me for insisting on having my way in things I am incapable of understanding. I want to trust You in every way. Your wisdom and knowledge are beyond my understanding, but I can definitely recognize and know Your love. Thank You. Amen.