The Call That Matters Most

November 17, 2020

Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. Jeremiah 33:3 

Dealing with a difficult person over time can be very frustrating. Worse than that, the closer the relationship or bigger the need to work together, the more demoralizing it becomes. It can feel hopeless because you just don’t know what to do. You feel like you are in an unending struggle with little hope for resolution. 

However, no matter how challenging the situation may seem or how resistant the person may be, there’s always a godly direction to take. God invites us to call on Him. He has made you AND your difficult person. He knows what you should do. The things that have been secret to you, never even seen by you, He can make clear.  

Perhaps the right direction may be a solution to the annoyances and differences you completely missed until now.  

Perhaps the right direction may be a way to manage the tension even if the situation doesn’t change. 

Perhaps the right direction may be a supernatural work in one or both of your hearts. Or God may surprise you by changing the situation that makes the difficult interactions happen. 

Whatever it is, God promises to answer with His wisdom that is so much greater than yours, and He answers with a love that is completely devoted to the best of both of you. 

It’s the call that matters most; the call you must make.

  • Pray: Jesus, You know that I am at my wit’s end with my difficult person. I need wisdom far beyond my own. My love and wisdom are too little and fragile for this situation. Speak to me clearly and I will obey. Thank You for loving us both enough to die for us. Help me live for You in a way that matters for my difficult person. Amen.