Faithfulness Required

June 3, 2021

Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2 NIV

Consistently, in His parables and teachings, Jesus taught His followers to be humble servants and faithful stewards. A servant does not follow his own will and plans, but that of his master. A steward is a manager of the resources that belong to another. They do not march to their own drumbeat. Their theme song is not “I Did It My Way.” They are aware that the responsibility given to them is a trust, and they are held responsible. They will give an account of how they managed and developed what they were given.

We are stewards, given a significant trust. Our talents, abilities, resources, opportunities, and potential do not belong to us, but to Jesus. We are entrusted with our lives, time, money, influence, children, and family. We are stewards of it all. As it all belongs to God, we can’t afford to live our lives for our own opinions or the opinions of others. Ultimately, there is only one opinion that matters, and it belongs to our Master who has given us such grace, significance, and trust. We answer to Him.

Paul never lost his awe of the grace that had been given to him, and the incredible trust placed in him as a minister of God’s mercy. God saved him from a life headed the wrong direction and called him to be a witness! Our stories are no less amazing. God has extended His grace and trust to us. He has redeemed us from our old ways, given us joy and purpose, and now He has placed amazing trust in us. We are to use the magnificent and many resources and opportunities to display the wonder of knowing God and to bring others to Christ.

In 2 Corinthians 4:7 Paul provides a vivid picture of the situation. He refers to Christians as jars of clay. He says that we are like common, household vessels in which God has placed His priceless treasure, the gospel. He loves and trusts us so very much. We can, through His power, take our ordinary lives and be used in extraordinary ways if we will step up to the challenge and become and be found faithful.

  • Take a few minutes and consider the wonder of your salvation. Thank God for the grace He has given you.
  • Now thank Him for the incredible privilege of being His steward, and ask Him to help you live up to His trust in your faithfulness.