Search and Reward

June 4, 2021

The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 2 Chronicles 16:9a NLT

Two of the popular shows on American television at this juncture are “American Idol” and “The Voice.” The goal of the shows is to search through thousands of hopefuls, artists who often make tremendous sacrifices to get a chance to appear before the critical eyes of the judges, and narrow down the contestants to find one most-likely star. The winner of “The Voice” receives a cash prize of $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group. The “American Idol” winner gets $125,000 when they sign the contract and another $125,000 when they complete an album, which they have four months to do. They also have a budget of as much as $300,000 to record that album, which is given as an advance that they will have to pay back against future earnings. The reward that all the finalists get is exposure to a national audience, and over the history of the show, some of those contestants have begun very successful careers even without that initial launch. Some of the current well-known musicians in pop and country have come from these searches.

We are informed in 2 Chronicles 16:9 about a far more significant search that is ongoing right now, and each of us, regardless of our musical talent or lack thereof, have an opportunity to win. In fact, we are favorites to win! God Himself, the ultimate judge who is never biased and never makes a mistake, is searching the entire earth. He is not looking for only one winner, but He is determined to find every person whose heart is fully committed to Him. Every single one He finds with a fully committed heart, nothing held back, He gives a priceless reward. He empowers them and strengthens them. He enables us to remain faithful and to see His plans and goals for us be fulfilled.

God is the originator of faithfulness. His own faithfulness is committed to us to make sure we are able to meet His requirements. We are required to be faithful; He makes sure that we can be. God never demands anything of us that He does not completely commit Himself to empower us to fulfill. That’s the greatest reward we could receive!

Encourage yourself in your commitment this morning! God is looking out for you! If you are fully committed, you are a winner, and He will strengthen and empower you for a faithful, fulfilling life!

  • God, I am overwhelmed at Your faithfulness and Your faith in me! My heart is Yours! Empower me to fulfill Your purposes for and through me. I am Yours. Amen.