Be Still and Know

September 13, 2021

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 NIV

Being still is a lesson I have had to learn. Truthfully, I need refresher courses often. Being still is a challenge. I have countless projects and plans, I love interacting with others, and I find it very difficult to actually plan downtime. Vacations need quite a lot of activity in them for me. I almost always want to take projects to work on. My husband was quite a mentor for me in this. He would urge me toward quietness, and I would push back. “I can’t stand just doing nothing!”, I protested. He responded with a smile, “It’s not doing nothing, babe. It’s being still.”

I have learned there is great value in being still, particularly in conquering problematic thought patterns. In the stillness I can hear God, and He gets me on track. The Psalmist said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” How do we do that? He explains in verses 8-9 when he tells us to come and behold the works of the Lord. He speaks of the glorious works of God, and also how He works with the nations. There are several helpful ways to “be still and know.”

First, consider the nations and how God shows Himself. You may need to turn off the news in order to hear God. Listening 24/7 to the events in our chaotic and hostile world can fill you with despair. You must be still enough to anchor yourself in the presence and control of God. Look for God-sightings: things He is doing despite the struggle. Remind yourself of God’s hand in history. Though we may not see it when it is happening, in retrospect we can see God’s action. Just for a minute consider how different life would be had the Nazis won WWII. God IS working, but we can be so overwhelmed with too much input that we don’t see it. Consider the nations. Remind yourself that God will ultimately win, and He is working everywhere right now.

Second, sit outside in nature for a while. Everything you see in nature is God’s handiwork and is a miracle beyond imagination. The breezes, the sounds, the sights will fill your heart with peace and confidence that God can do anything.

Third, consider the people in your life. Who has He healed? What transformations have you seen? You know people whose life stories are nothing short of miraculous. This will help you pray in faith for those who still need the touch of Jesus, because your mind is focused on what He has done and can do again.

Fourth, look inside your own life. What has God done? How has He shown Himself to you? Chances are, some of the biggest God-evidences you know are in your own life, but you pass over them. If you are a Jesus-follower in your heart of hearts, and your motives are consistently clear and positive, you are probably one of the biggest miracles you know.

  • Be still. It’s the only way you can hear and know God from the inside out. Start with this moment now. It will have to be intentional.