A Prepared Mind

September 15, 2021

So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control. Put all your hope in the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world. 1 Peter 1:13 NLT

I love my planner. I am already getting the urge to select one and order it for 2022. I call it my “brain” because it holds all kinds of pertinent information for me, from addresses to birthdays to account numbers. It records funerals and weddings I have officiated, books I have read, and has volumes of pages for notes and planning. I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to get it back if I lost it—a true ransom. There are so many great features in my Passion Planner, but the most essential and basic use that makes it so valuable is that it prepares my mind for the day. I have my appointments and tasks written it for at least a week at a time, adding the adjustments that are necessary. Each evening, I check over the plans and then go to bed in peace and confidence that I am ready for the next day. My mind is prepared! I wake up, and the day is so much smoother and more productive.

This is what Peter is telling us. Live with intentionality. Live on purpose. Prepare your mind. Choose your thoughts. Prepare your mind with the thoughts that lead to godly action. Get up in the morning with a purpose. The phrase in the original writing was “gird up your mind.” That referred to a figure of speech taken from the customs of the ancient world. The men wore long garments, and to run swiftly and safely they would have to pull up their garments, stuffing them in their belts. This was “girding up their loins.” Someone in a state of preparedness would go ahead and have his garments "girded up." Peter is saying, "Be prepared mentally for action. Be alert."

Then he says, “Use your prepared mind to exercise self-control.” Be disciplined in your life so that you will not be casual about your thinking and get lulled into thoughts that pull you away from what really matters. That prepared mind and self-control will keep us focused. The reason for mental alertness and discipline is so believers may set their hope fully on God’s plan for the world. The preparation and discipline are not just good ways to have a healthy lifestyle, there is a goal in mind: the grace of our complete salvation, of an eternal glory. That's our hope.

A prepared and disciplined mind will always lead to gratitude and hope. And that will always lead to a satisfied, effective life.

  • Jesus, show me what it means for me to be mentally prepared and disciplined, and fully hoping in Your salvation. Anything that needs changed in my thinking, please show me, and help me. I want my mind to reflect Your thoughts. Amen.