The Glue of Faith

April 29, 2022

Because relationships are so significant and central to our lives they occupy much of our thoughts. Next time you stand in line at the store, do a quick check of the magazines displayed there. Most of them will have at least one or more articles advertised on the cover concerning personal relationships. It’s also not unusual for the articles to mention the relationship of faith to long-term relationships.

It has long been recognized that faith can be the glue that unites souls through many years of friendship, family life, and marriage. According to recent studies published in the Journal of Family Psychology in 2018, mutual faith is especially effective as the foundation of marriage, guiding couples through many challenges from parenting to preserving warm commitment after decades.

There’s no question that starting with the love we find in God is the best foundation for all other relationships. In marriage relationships there are a few prominent advantages from starting with the God-relationship first:

A love relationship with God develops compassion, which is a vital element in good human interaction. Individuals who are close to God have a foundation of understanding their own need for compassion they receive from God. They grow to develop an intimate compassion emulating His that encourages them be patient and put other’s needs above their own.

A love relationship with God develops fidelity and lowers the chances of betrayal in the relationship. If both partners prioritize a relationship with God and live in intimacy with Him, betrayal of a partner is impossible because they know they will first betray God to do so. When infidelity happens, it is a sure sign that the unfaithful one has negated the first place of God in his life. Some people will profess a strong relationship with God while sexually sinning against their partner, but the word of God shows that is impossible.

Mutual faith strengthens a personal relationship with God. Researchers from the University of North Texas discovered that couples that experience problems with communication can greatly improve the quality of their marriage by relying on spiritual resources. Prayer and worship together give calm and peace, help overcome conflicts, and in this case encourage intimate sharing.

 A love relationship with God encourages us to become spiritually honest. According to a Bowling Green State University study, a high degree of spiritual intimacy provides partners with motivation to stay honest and accountable with each other and God.

  • Bottom Line: The best relationships begin with loving and being loved by God, and it spills onto the relationship. How well are you doing with your foundation?