You Look Like Him

January 23, 2023

Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. Colossians 1:15 NLT

“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!” John 14:9 NLT

My father had a beautiful head of silver-gray hair with the very front completely white. His hair changed from dark brown to white in a year when I was in high school. I loved it. He was very distinguished looking. Now that I have exactly the same kind of hair as he did, it makes being gray a much more pleasurable experience than it might have been, because I enjoy my increased resemblance to him.

A few weeks ago, a couple I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years attended church services at my home church. When I looked up after completing one of several quick conversations, they were there, and the lady exclaimed, “Oh! You are so like your father! Your hair—your face—the way you are with people! It was like seeing Pastor Mason again!” I smiled so big my face might have cracked. My dad is one of the best people I have ever known, and to have people see him in me is a positive pleasure.

In a far greater sense, Jesus was like His Father. He said that He and His Father were one, exactly the same thing. They both were completely God, completely love. Jesus even told His disciples when they asked to see God the Father, “Look at Me! If you see Me, you see My Father. I am the exact representation of Him.” Not a copy. Not a facsimile. EXACTLY and fully Him. To know what Jesus is like is to know what God is like. Some people think Jesus is the “soft,” more approachable version of God. Not true. Jesus exactly represents God. He is God. He and the Father are love.

Now we get to the very personal part. We are to accurately represent Jesus. We are to be like Him and show the world what He is like. He called us to follow Him, living and loving as He does. He said people would recognize us as His when we do. It’s up to each one of His children to make the invisible God visible to those around us in our ordinary everyday interactions with family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, and the people we connect with every day.

Jesus says to us, “Every day you carry Me with You; I go where you go and I shine through you. I want people to look at you and see Me. I want to release My fragrance through your attitudes, your patience, your kind deeds, your love, your compassion, and through your grace and mercy. As you do life, I am with you. I want you to step out in love and courage and leave the results to Me. As My child, you have everything you need. I am with you. You have My presence and can access My wisdom, My authority, and My power. You have heaven backing you. Make Me and My love visible to this world. I am with you!”

  • Jesus, You are what our world needs. Help me allow You to be seen with clarity.