Following the Leader

June 2, 2023

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19 NIV

While Christians do have a number of significant beliefs that strengthen and guide us, believing is not our primary privilege and responsibility. Jesus did not call us to simply believe; He called us to follow Him. To follow Him requires action—walking as He walks, going where He goes. The leader goes first; the followers come closely after.

That’s the bottom line of why Christians are to love the world.

Is there a reward for it? Yes, but that’s not why.

People need it, right? Yes, they are very needy, but even their desperate need is not the big WHY.

The reason that we love the world actively and passionately is because Jesus did it first. He first loved us, and in response to Him, we love.

We did not look for Him; He came looking for us, and so we go out of our way, looking for those who need help and love.

Jesus didn’t love us based on our response. He simply loved and loves us. So, we follow Him. We love regardless of the response.

If life is fulfilling and satisfying, the most accurate answer to the “why” is “because I follow Jesus.”

If I am used to significantly impact and influence another’s life to fulfilled potential and purpose, the best answer to the “why” is “because I follow Jesus.”

The answer to all the whys and hows of fulfillment and joy are found in following Jesus. The answers to the hows and whys of living powerfully and helpfully in our challenging world are found in following Jesus. If He did it, it’s the path for me, and the Holy Spirit will empower me to effectively follow.

  • Jesus, I often delay my obedience because I want more information. All I need to know is found in following You. I know that. Help me, as Your first followers who changed the world forever did—simply get up, leave my “boat,” and follow You. It is the path to joy and fulfillment.