The Indescribable Gift

November 13, 2023

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3 NKJV

Most every time a child is born the parents believe this verse is true. Unless there is a horrific circumstance surrounding the birth, parents in even the most impoverished countries around the world where another baby means another mouth to feed, parents are delighted with the little one and picture the delights and joys this particular child will bring.

But all too often that infectiously adorable infant hits a stage the parents see as anything but adorable. He is rebellious and disobedient. She is sassy and discontented. This child they have loved to distraction and originally considered the best gift they had ever received has disappeared. Now in place of a gift and reward, they have a burden and source of heartache and frustration. How did that happen?

That’s the common experience of parents in our fallen and broken world. We hope and pray that following the principles of God and having your children regularly in church and with good people will guarantee the results for which you have prayed.

While your chances of an “up and to the right” progression in child-rearing are greatly enhanced when you follow the principles of God, learning to choose attitudes and actions are part of every human’s growth. Just as Adam and Eve in the garden had the ability to choose against wisdom, our children have their own wills, and they can choose what they want to choose. We can never guarantee that there will be no wrong choices.

But just as God offered mercy and grace while Adam and Eve had to reap their natural consequences, we can do that with our children. When they make poor choices, we don’t abandon them. The story is far from over. We have the tough and tender challenge of walking beside them as they learn that you can choose your actions, but you can’t choose your consequences.

Children never stop being a gift and reward from the Lord. They not only offer us the opportunity to help shape souls that will live forever, but they also offer the laboratory where God, the Creator of us all, will continue to shape our souls to be more like Jesus,

Do you remember what a wonderful parent you were before you had children? You knew how everyone should do it? 😊Then those little gifts from the Lord came, bringing with them so many opportunities for reality and humility. Yes—we and our children will be shaping each other for our lifetimes.

  • Thank God for each young person in your life. Ask for wisdom to shape them well.