You're In, and I'm Proud

October 10, 2018

I am unceasingly grateful and proud to be your pastor, and to partner with the amazing NewPointe family in making a difference all around the world. Our commitment is to lead people to realize and reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. Together we have sacrificed and left our comfort zones time and again to welcome more people to our community. Many, many times they have become part of the family of God.

You did it again.

This past Sunday we were able to give an update on our I’M IN Campaign. Because of your enthusiastic response, your whole-hearted decisions to be “ALL IN,” we were able to share great news. It was an incredible feeling to report that we are being able to create more space in three of our five campuses. Only God can begin to know what God will do with these new developments!

At our Millersburg Campus, we are adding space for children and students that will allow us to create more relevant environments and continue to lead entire families to their potential in Jesus Christ.

At our Canton Campus, we are adding rooms for both children and adults. We also are expanding the lobby to give more “hang ability,” making connections and community increasingly accessible and affirming.

The Coshocton Campus will build an entirely new facility! They will have their own home! This will be a place where families and individuals can come and get their needs met, find hope and healing, and team with us to share what our amazing God can do!

The Wooster Campus just finished renovating their parking, which will allow for more parking for each of the services.

The Dover Campus just celebrated partnering with Habitat for Humanity in assisting a family (Marco, Silver & Stella) in purchasing a home.

These investments are being made by all five of our campuses, all of us realizing that we are in this together. Cooperation, sacrifice, unselfishness—all words that show who YOU are, and attitudes that give God exactly what He needs to work.

I want to thank you again for your continual faithfulness in giving. My mind and heart grow every time we pull together and accomplish another God-given goal together. We are in a tremendous season of cooperation, vision, and effort. My heart explodes as I consider what God plans in the next days for us. We are a great team. You, me, and our almighty God—we’re all in!