Connections for Impact

November 5, 2019

You did it again. NewPointe, you are an amazing people. Your love for everyone God loves is incredible and impacting. Your love for and connection to the many communities we serve around Ohio is well known. We are doing everything in our power to make the kingdom of God a reality in the hearts of multiple individuals and families through relevant services, helping the impoverished and addicted, helping build houses, and caring for other needs that come across our path.

Many of you know that the NewPointe family believes that God so loved the WORLD. Which means He has called us to be committed to reaching the world. NewPointe has embraced this calling knowing that there are thousands of precious people we will never see until heaven whose lives are being dramatically improved!

But few know the full impact of something else we do. NewPointe is generous, not only with money, but with resources and people. NewPointe permits me from time to time to do leadership training in various places around the world. Because of that, NewPointe is literally influencing and impacting the leadership in those places.

Last week I spent five days in Cyprus doing just that. Pastors, priests, and business leaders from Egypt, Lebanon, and Cyprus gathered together, intent on developing their leadership skills in order to go back to their churches, companies, and communities to make an even greater impact for Christ. There were priests/pastors in the group who oversee other priests who minister then to hundreds of thousands of people. There were business leaders who interacted with us and dozens and dozens of other leaders. The impact of our time together goes far beyond the meeting room.

I felt three significant emotions while I was there. The first was humility. It was a very humbling experience for me to share with such great people. The leaders there were so very intelligent, eager, and earnest. It made me wonder what they could do with the resources I have. I wish you could have seen them and heard their questions. You would know that these leaders are among the cream of the crop. The United States certainly does not have the corner on leadership.

The second was gratitude. I am so grateful to be partners with you in the gospel. Partners who see themselves as channels of blessing and resources, not just a depository for gifts and resources. Your generosity is impacting someone—many someones—somewhere on the globe every single second of every single day.

The third emotion was excitement. What is God going to do with this investment? He says He takes whatever we place in His hands and multiplies it beyond our imaginations. This will be one of the things that makes heaven so mind-boggling. We will see the results of our investments, multiplied by the miracle hands of Jesus. It’s going to be amazing!

NewPointe, you are amazing. I love serving with you.