Happy Father's Day... Again

June 22, 2021

Yesterday my family celebrated Father’s Day. Patty called everyone together at our house for a good dinner. You know it was good because they let me choose the menu. It was a great day. They showered me with love and appreciation and focused attention. I was able to appreciate it with authentic emotion and gratitude because this is not a once-a-year kind of moment. They regularly individually assure me of their love, tell me they are proud to be my family, show me by the way they live and serve that they are grateful and love me.

This is particularly significant and meaningful to me because I am far from a perfect father. I know that, and they know that. I have made many mistakes, thankfully mostly mistakes of the head, not the heart, but disappointing none the less. But I have regularly let them know, not as an excuse for my behavior, but as helpful information in our relationship, that I want to be as wonderful a father as I can be, and my primary responsibility as an imperfect man is to point them to the Father who is perfect in all of His ways. I can’t just do that through my words. My example and my life actions are more important than anything else. My actions cancel out my words. They understand that, and we have had numerous times of mutual growth and forgiveness when I have made mistakes as a father, or they have not responded well as children.

I hope and pray for you that you have that kind of a relationship with your dad. I did. My father is one of the most priceless gifts I could ever receive, and he showed me in real and relatable ways what God is like. But whoever you have had as an earthly father, however he hit the mark or missed it, I want you to know that you have a heavenly Father who is worth celebrating every day. Psalm 68:5 (along with numerous) other Scriptures calls God a “Father to the fatherless.” We are all included. This Father never makes a mistake or misjudgment. He loves us exactly as we are and walks with us to help us be all we can be if we will work with Him. He forgives endlessly, never holds a grudge, is ready to meet every one of us where we are. What a Father!

One out of 365 days a year we are called to celebrate fathers officially. But if you have a great father, you show your love and appreciation much more often than that. One day a week we set aside to officially honor God, to show our love and appreciation as we worship together with other members of the family. It’s terrific! We have a wonderful time together and have a wonderful spiritual meal. But those who have a great and growing relationship with their heavenly Father can’t confine it to just one day. I want to encourage you to celebrate your Father God every single day. Take time to talk to Him and let Him know your love and appreciation, and just spend time being with Him. He’s a good, good Father. He’ll love it, and you will too.

One out of 365 days a year we are called to celebrate Father’s Day. I want to encourage you to celebrate Father’s Day every single day, letting your heavenly Father know how much you appreciate and love Him and how grateful you are.