A Transforming Habit

January 18, 2022

This is the time of year when we think about resolutions, goals, or starting new habits we believe would help us. If you had to choose just one habit to develop that you believe has the greatest potential for transforming your life, what would it be? You might say things like developing a heathy lifestyle, showing intentional love every day to your family, and other good things like those. They are good, and I hope you do them!

But since I’m a pastor, you might assume I am suggesting developing a habit of consistently attending weekend services and worshiping with God’s family. Maybe you think it’s reading your Bible more regularly and actually giving yourself time to meditate and process. Perhaps you’re thinking, “I should pray more. I should have a regular prayer time every day.” Serving regularly? That’s transformative. Is that it? Or how about giving systematically and generously?

Every one of those things are great and valuable, and I hope you find your way to seriously thinking about what God might do if you approached those areas with an open heart. They are all worthy of committed lifestyle choices: habits that are simply part of who you are and the way you live.

But there’s one choice, one habit, that overshadows all of them. It’s the ultimate, and it will transform you for sure. It will change everything about your life and make all the other choices come naturally.

Here you go: Choose every day to trust Jesus. Begin every day with affirming out loud, “I trust You, Jesus.” Come back to it all through the day. Regardless of what happens, good or bad, respond with “I trust You, Jesus.”

When something happens that seems to be for you or seems to be against you, refuse to worry. Immediately affirm, “I trust You, Jesus!” Think of His wisdom, power, and love for you. No matter what happens, acknowledge that He is bigger than all of it and say it aloud: “I trust You, Jesus.”

Seeing your life and Jesus in this way will strip fear of its power in your life. You will know Jesus is with you and will do what is best in every situation. Difficult and painful circumstances will become growth opportunities when you immediately affirm your trust in Jesus and then walk it out.

Trusting Jesus is transformative. The problem is that all too often our default mode is fear first. We DO come to trust Him, but it’s after we have banged our heads against brick walls and spent countless sleepless nights. Fear and worry disturbed our peace and even negatively impacted our relationships.

Decide to make a habit of starting every day with a confident “I trust You, Jesus,” and then repeat it throughout the day. You will love the transforming power of trust. It will strengthen your relationship with Jesus and keep Him very close; very near to you.