Living in Light of the Resurrection

April 20, 2022

No doubt you celebrated Easter. Perhaps you went to a Good Friday service, celebrated with communion, or went to church on Sunday. An article in the Associated Press said that Easter Sunday was the first large gathering many thousands of Americans attended since the outbreak of COVID in 2020. You probably gathered with family or friends because it was Easter.

The question is, “Now what?”

That first Easter the priorities were clear. For the disciples it forever changed their worldview, priorities, thinking, perspective, behavior—everything. They were completely transformed people who used to be fearful but were now courageous. People who used to be unsure about Jesus, now knew He was God. People who didn’t know what to do next became people with a lifetime passionate mission.

They were so changed that they changed their world. Imagine that. They completely changed the culture in which they lived under the thumb of the Roman government. They had no power. They were operating with the hostility of their own religious heritage. They had nothing going FOR them but Jesus, the resurrected Savior. But they were all in.

What would it look like for you to be all in—to truly follow the dead man who came back from the dead?

What would your life look like if your faith in the resurrected Jesus was so central to you?

How would your attitudes, appetites, actions, and aspirations change?

What kind of freedom and power would you experience?

How would you be impacting and changing the culture around you instead of letting the culture and people around you impact and change you?

The answer to the “now what?” question is living like the One who has all the power is the King of my life. If He is alive and I claim to be His follower, my life must give evidence that He lives.

As a follower of Jesus, am I living the resurrection life? Am I living my life in such a way that I acknowledge not only that Jesus is alive, but that He is Lord over all? Can the world see He is Lord and King over me?

Paul said, “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection” (Philippians 3:12). If that is your desire and aim, the risen Savior will make Himself available to you in transformative ways that change your life and give you a passionate purpose with the power to carry it through.

Jesus, the King and Source of all life, said He has all authority, and He has equipped and called us to be world changers. His last instructions as He was returning to heaven is that we pick up His mission to seek and to save the lost and help Him fill His Father’s house. That’s a life-time daily mission.

That’s what happens now.