No One Like Mother

May 8, 2023

There’s no one else like a mother. Mothers play a most important role in everyone’s lives. Of course, it’s redundant to say none of us would be here without a mother, but having a mother who actually functions past birth in our lives is a gift. From giving birth, taking care of their children, and introducing them into society, mothers play multiple roles for their kids. Moms are the first teachers, influencers, and supporters. Motherly love is incomparable. Her heart is the place you go when you feel sad, depressed, afraid, or lonely.

Mothers are our first teachers. They teach us to believe in ourselves. They help us learn how to behave, speak, and sharpen our thinking. Mother is central to the child’s development including physical, emotional, perspective, communication, cognitive, critical thinking, and independence. A mother plays many roles.

Mothers influence their children to happily contribute their best to society, making the world a better place. By her life and word, she shapes and molds a child by teaching about wisdom, truth, peace, and joy. Mothers have an innate ability to motivate and strengthen you when you are emotionally shattered. You can depend on her to stand with you to overcome any problems, negative feelings, and insecurities.

Mothers love their children like no one else. She will love you till her last breath. Behind most successful stories, mother is there somewhere. Most people will say that Mom is the only person who wants to see the children happy no matter how they treat her in return. This alone should make us want to encourage her and express great appreciation and gratitude this Mother’s Day.

I don’t need to tell you that motherhood is hard work. It’s physically grueling, emotionally exhausting, and intellectually numbing. One hardship often overlooked is the challenge it gives to our sense of purpose. Through the consuming trials of motherhood, women can lose many of the earthly ways they used to understand the purpose of our lives before: They may no longer be working outside the home. They might find their friendships weakening because life is so different. Relationships with husbands change as they make room for the relationships of family and children. Even church changes: A mother rarely gets to sit through a service before a child needs her.

Motherhood is so different, and it is wonderful and hugely significant. Christian leaders may tell you, “Motherhood is your highest calling.” But your identity is bigger than motherhood. You yourself are a child of God, and your highest calling is to live out that identity and calling. When you do, your motherhood will fall into place. Any woman can be a mother, but a woman who is living her calling as first a child of God has the full power of God at her disposal.

Nothing shapes a woman’s character like the journey of motherhood. A godly mother is a woman who allows God to sanctify, purify, love, redeem, and shape her in life’s circumstances. The journey of becoming a godly mother doesn’t start when you give birth or adopt a child. It begins with knowing your identity in Jesus.

If you live confidently in your identity in Christ, you will have strength and perspective to plant seeds of faith and purpose in your children so that they will come to know the power of Christ for themselves. It is vital that you know who YOU are in Christ. If you don’t, you will fall prey to the lies that plague mothers.

The lie that criticism will help your children grow: Criticism debilitates and destroys. We parents get afraid, and we think pointing out flaws to our children will fix them. It never does. It hinders them and our relationship with them.

The lie that it’s all up to you: When we don’t have a firm grip on our identity in Christ, we feel like it’s all our responsibility. You will be tempted to overextend yourself, doing more and more to try to guarantee the results. You will become weary. When you know your Father has you, you can trust that He will direct your path.

The lie of comparison: Mothers often get caught in this lie. Satan will have you comparing yourself and your children with others. You will forget you have a unique purpose and neither you nor your child will look like someone else. Your identity in Christ will allow you to step into your personal journey with joy and confidence.

We can idealize motherhood and expect perfection; God does not. Characteristics of a godly mother are shaped through experiences and over time. God doesn’t expect perfection. He invites you to join Him on the journey. He will grow you and enable you to raise up the next generation of Christ-followers.

My mother was not perfect, but she was perfectly Marie Mason, God’s daughter, just exactly who I needed to shape and mold me through her example and prayers. I am so grateful to her for the gift of her to me, and for the consciousness her life gave me of the kind of woman I needed to find to be the mother of my children. Mom and my wife Patty are amazing gifts of God in my life. God is good to His daughters and those who are privileged to be loved by them.