A Deam Come True to Make Dreams Come True

August 8, 2023

It’s awesome when a dream comes true. It’s even more awesome when a dream comes true that enables fulfilling the dreams of others. That’s just what has happened here through God’s faithfulness and the faithful people of NewPointe working together. Our community has needed a great place for people to gather and enjoy life together as family and friends. We dreamed it, worked for it, and it has happened! We are celebrating the grand opening of the Armor Sport Complex (August 6, 2023) for just that purpose.

With the opening of this new sports complex, we believe that we will assist in dreams coming true for many who are part of NewPointe and those who are not.

The sports field is for the community to enjoy. There’s nothing exclusive about it. It is a gift from the heart of NewPointe to everyone.

We anticipate the organization of a variety of sports leagues that will play here including basketball, soccer, and pickle ball.

The stunning view overlooking the countryside provides a wonderful place to relax and refresh. I anticipate spending much time here myself reading and praying.

It’s a perfect setting for family picnics, allowing you to eat and play in the same place! Parents can talk and enjoy time together with their children in sight and safe.

There will be a children’s playground, so we will soon be hearing the laughter of children as they make new friends.

Basketballs will be swishing through the hoops on the basketball courts every day.

Black and white soccer balls will fly through the air as teams battle here.

Pickle ball! Need I say more? People of all ages will be engaged!

For those who choose walking as their way to stay healthy, a beautiful walking track welcomes everyone to make it a regular routine.

All in all, it’s a great place to enjoy being alone or with others. I foresee many great moments and memories for families and friends being made here. It’s another very viable ministry piece for what God is doing here.

Let’s celebrate! The Armor Sport Complex is another tool to help people realize the love of Jesus and the abundant life right here and now as we follow Him together. Pray for this to be another avenue of blessing for the people in our communities.