Winning At Home

August 21, 2023

Dover Campus Pastor Dave VanDonge eloquently and powerfully shared last Sunday about the world we live in and the effect it has on us and our children. While there is much joy in life, many things that bring us happiness, we can never allow ourselves to be fooled. Life is a battleground, not a playground. Our Enemy the devil is active with many schemes, and they are all designed to deceive, distract, discourage, and destroy everyone who is following Christ or wants to follow Him.

That’s why we can know for certain that the family is under attack. You may be thinking, “Oh, I know the big temptations for our kids. He comes after them to get them addicted to alcohol, drugs, all kinds of bad habits. That’s his main tactic.” Or it will be the bad music that you don’t like, or the things they see on television and movies. Actually, that’s not the case. Of course, he will love it if he messes them up there, but that’s not the big deal. He knows the major influence in their lives is you. He’s not foolish enough to typically go straight to those forces. He doesn’t give his attention to people and elements that don’t have the influence you have. You have a great ability to turn their hearts to Jesus or farther away.

As parents, our spiritual passion sets the tone for the family. A passionate, consistent, Jesus-honoring, Spirit-filled parent creates a passionate, Jesus-honoring. Spirit-filled environment and gives the very best opportunity for our children to become that themselves. When we are doing our part, we can count on God to do His, and even when the moment doesn’t look like they are getting it, God is working, and the seeds are being planted and watered for their eventual harvest. He is a promise-keeping God and loves them more than we do.

On the other hand, a lukewarm, aphetic, spiritually complacent parent creates a lukewarm, apathetic, spiritually complacent family. Frequently the parents complain and agonize, “But we took them to church.” The church is a huge asset to you and your family, but the church can’t do the work and be the influence God designed you to have.

Then the influence goes beyond that. What we are doing, how we are living, sets the tone for the church. Our corporate spiritual passion sets the tone for the church. It is vital that you take responsibility for your part in the battle for our families.

How can we all stay strong in the battle? The people you admire most are doing these things we see in God’s Word:

  • Time in God Word
  • Personal prayer
  • Worship with others at church
  • Tithing
  • Serving
  • Group life
  • Accountability
  • Sabbath rest
  • Personal growth
  • Relational health
  • Humility

Every one of our children needs and deserves a parent who is taking measures to stay strong in the battle. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Remember, it is more important what happens at home than at church. No other success can compensate for failure at home.