He Gets Us?

February 20, 2024

Since the “He Gets Us” campaign was launched in 2022, I as well as almost every pastor or religious leader have been asked what we think about it. The chatter has been non-stop since the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the chatter includes much negativity, and it’s not from the world. It’s from the Church. It seems that we Christians are too often more committed to canceling out anyone we don’t agree with 100%, and we have no problem airing our disagreements in front of the world. This is just the latest damaging example.

The stated goal of the “He Gets Us” backers is to present Jesus to people who normally don’t think about Him at all, and to think about Him in thought-provoking ways that cause more serious investigation personally. However, because our world is so politically divided (yes, church-world), if someone we disagree with politically or theologically is backing something, we find multitudes of reasons to criticize and discount.

To name a few in this case, some “liberal Christians” are spewing about the campaign because some of the backers have been vocal in anti-LGTBQ issues, anti-immigrant policies, etc. Some “conservative Christians” are spewing because they appear to be creating positive political images that would appear to sentimentalize issues they oppose. That’s just a start. I could give you a list as long as my arm of the things being said, and you could probably add more.

Some take a “theological” stance and persuasively say that the pictures and people do not accurately represent Jesus’ message and targets.

Some make big judgments about the $100 million two-year budget for the campaign, which included very costly Super Bowl ads. Let’s get very honest and self-aware here. Every day ALL of us buy goods from organizations that do immoral and unwise things with their money, and we don’t give it a thought that our financial expenditure could be wrong. The Human Slavery Movements try to warn us about those companies, but it makes extraordinarily little impact. Then let’s look at where this $100 million originates. The donors are wealthier than we can dream, and this is not their only investment. Many of them are tithing and giving to missions and community causes in staggering ways. They educate children. We are JUST as responsible to spend our money, whatever amount it is, wisely, compassionately, and for His kingdom. Do we? As Jesus pointed out clearly many times, the amount is not the issue. It is the heart. That’s why the tithe is 10% for everyone.

Then think about this. Though many of these people DO give unbelievable amounts to feed the poor and all the other causes their critics are mentioning, Jesus Himself said that meeting physical needs is right and good, but the physical only goes so far. The spiritual need of every person who has ever breathed is far greater. That is what matters most and forever. So, spending a large amount of money to take a chance on getting millions to consider Christ seems incredibly wise and worthwhile to me.

So, now, what was that question again? What do I think about the “He Gets Us” campaign? Here it is: I am so grateful that Jesus surely gets me. There’s not anything I have faced in my life or ever will face that He does not understand. He has changed my life. He can do it for anyone. I am thankful that millions are being caused to consider Jesus, and I am praying that God’s miraculous hand draws many to Him through this massive effort.