Collective REMIX: CIY Mix

Indiana Wesleyan University (leave from Dover campus)

CIY Mix is the Middle School camp we are attending in 2019.

CIY Mix is held at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. This camp is open to students entering grade 6 through grade 8. Cost per person is $499 and includes everything for the week. Registration is required and a non-refundable $100 deposit is due no later than March 31, with the balance being due by May 26. 


Students who participate in this year's two spring fundraisers can take $350 off the cost of camp, which brings the total trip cost to $149. In order to participate, students must indicate within the CIY Mix registration form that they will participate in upcoming fundraisers. At a future date, fundraising details will be provided to those who choose to participate in the fundraisers. Students must register for fundraiser support by March 1. 

Jamie Bowland