Hope in Action


So much of the American dream revolves around getting to a place in life where we are comfortable. But that’s not what God wants for us. God invites us into a life of risk, adventure, and action . . . and most of the time that makes us, well, uncomfortable. So we opt for staying stuck in search of comfort.

Staying stuck ultimately keeps us from realizing and reaching our full potential in Jesus Christ. In this series we’ll learn the steps we can take to find courage, face our fears, and become who God intends us to be. If we are going to allow God to accomplish anything worthwhile through us, even the smallest of somethings, we may just have to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

At the Movies

In the quiet darkness of a movie theater, we're glued to the screen. We laugh, cry,and cheer as the story connects to something deeper within us. But can these larger-than-life moments teach us about the world we live in? We believe they can. Join us for a blockbuster message series beginning June 23 as together we search for timeless truths revealed in Hollywood's biggest films.

Series runs June 23-July 21.

Passing the Baton of Faith

Missions Sunday 2019

What's Really at Stake?


Everybody faces conflict in life at some time or another. If we don’t deal with it in a healthy, appropriate way, inevitably it leads to a showdown. It may or may not happen at high noon, but there WILL be a showdown. And when that happens, nobody wins.

Join us for a new series on surviving conflict God's way. Everyone has conflict. Everyone has showdowns. We want to help you figure out how to deal with conflict in a way that doesn’t end up with your face on a wanted poster.

HIGH NOON: Showdown at Conflict Corral runs April 28-May 26.

Easter 2019