We are not our labels. We are not who others say we are. And we aren’t the broken self-image we see in the mirror. We are not in need of Instagram filters that make us look better/smarter/prettier/stronger/funnier/holier. We have an identity that is much greater than mere filtered selfies.

So how can we get to our true identity? By dropping the filtered version of us in order to become who God says we are—the real you.

Join us as we discover who we really are: #nofilter #therealyou.


The annoying coworker. The negative neighbor. The needy friend. The overly critical boss. The manipulative family member. And all the other people in our lives who are just downright difficult. We all have people like this in our lives. Join us for an eye-opening series that will help us know how we can live with—and show love to—the people who drive us crazy.

Dealing with idiots and other difficult people.

April 8-May 6

Easter 2018

Who Is Jesus?

Maximum Impact

Repeat After Me

Have you ever tried to pray only to find yourself not knowing what to say or where to start? Even when we have the best of intentions we can often find ourselves stumbling, rumbling, and mumbling, when it comes to talking to God. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a how-to guide for prayer—an outline or a set of instructions? The good news is this: We do! Jesus has given us a great template for knowing how to communicate with our heavenly Father.

Join us for Repeat After Me. Your prayer life may never be the same!


Momentum. What an amazing ride it can be! Like the adrenaline of a roller coaster, when you ride momentum it seems like anything could happen and it probably will! Momentum gains traction, speeds up progress, and propels forward. Conversely, a lack of momentum causes frustration and stagnation. So how do we build momentum in the church?Join us for this important four-part series that will teach us how we get the momentum we need to move faster, grow stronger, and go farther—together.