We all experience adversity. We know what it is like to go through tough times. We hold on. We buckle down. And we try to ride the wave of bad fortune, hoping that somehow we'll will make it out alive. In other words, we just do what it takes to survive.

But what if trials had the raw potential to change your life? What if the challenges you face are actually catalysts that increase your faith? What if you were designed to thrive in adversity, not merely “get by”? What if we changed our attitude and instead of merely trying to survive, we decided that we, no matter what, can’t stop—won’t stop!

Join us for a new series…September 9-30

Connecting Others to God


You have one life to live. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from someday syndrome—always waiting for someday: “when my schedule calms down, when my finances improve, when my kids grow up.”

What if God has big plans for you right now? You don’t need to wait for “someday." You can make the most of this one life you have right now! Join us for this powerful new series that will help you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan for you—both here and now and for eternity. Life is short.

We only get one shot. Let’s work together to MAKE.IT.COUNT. August 5-26.

Most Likely To

We all remember our high school yearbooks and our classmates who were most likely to succeed, most likely to be president, and most likely to (fill in the blank). But did you know the Bible is full of“most likely tos” as well? Join us for a fun, unique series that will introduce you to some of the most interesting people in Scripture—including Samson, Noah, Abraham, Esther, and David. You'll be inspired by men and women who most likely saw themselves as unlikely people to be the most likely to make a difference. Most likely, you’ll agree! See you there . . . June 24-July 22.

Fatherhood: Getting It Right



We are not our labels. We are not who others say we are. And we aren’t the broken self-image we see in the mirror. We are not in need of Instagram filters that make us look better/smarter/prettier/stronger/funnier/holier. We have an identity that is much greater than mere filtered selfies.

So how can we get to our true identity? By dropping the filtered version of us in order to become who God says we are—the real you.

Join us as we discover who we really are: #nofilter #therealyou.


The annoying coworker. The negative neighbor. The needy friend. The overly critical boss. The manipulative family member. And all the other people in our lives who are just downright difficult. We all have people like this in our lives. Join us for an eye-opening series that will help us know how we can live with—and show love to—the people who drive us crazy.

Dealing with idiots and other difficult people.

April 8-May 6