socks & underwear

This Christmas we will all give gifts, and we will also receive some. But what is it that truly makes a great Christmas gift? When we hear the phrase "Socks & Underwear" around Christmas time, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most of us, these are probably not gifts we would put on our wish list. We all know what it’s like to open a gift only to find that it’s something we don’t need—or even want. That’s the reason one in three of us will be returning at least one gift after Christmas. But what if the gift we really didn’t want or expect turned out to be the best gift ever? What if socks & underwear were the best thing that ever happened to you?

Join us for a very merry Christmas series. Series runs December 9, 16 & 24.


When we experience internal chaos, something easy and external can seem like the quickest and easiest way to regain control of our lives. Our addictions vary in nature and severity. Whether it's drugs, food, sex, success, money, or even shopping, addictions have a negative impact on our health, our work, and especially our relationships. Though we may not be able to feel God’s presence during low times, there's a ton of hope for all kinds of addictions in His Word.

Join us for a new series, November 4-December 2.


If you’ve ever thought things like this, we have something perfect for you: a MIXTAPE. Yep, a mixtape. The dictionary definition of mixtape is this:a compilation of favorite pieces of music, typically by different artists, recorded onto a cassette tape or other media. At NewPointe, MIXTAPE is defined this way: a compilation of favorite biblical wisdom designed for anyone in a relationship, coming out of relationship, or even wanting a relationship—a relational gamechanger.

Need a marriage gamechanger? Need help with your relationships? Join us for this four-part series starting October 7, 2018.


We all experience adversity. We know what it is like to go through tough times. We hold on. We buckle down. And we try to ride the wave of bad fortune, hoping that somehow we'll will make it out alive. In other words, we just do what it takes to survive.

But what if trials had the raw potential to change your life? What if the challenges you face are actually catalysts that increase your faith? What if you were designed to thrive in adversity, not merely “get by”? What if we changed our attitude and instead of merely trying to survive, we decided that we, no matter what, can’t stop—won’t stop!

Join us for a new series…September 9-30

Connecting Others to God


You have one life to live. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from someday syndrome—always waiting for someday: “when my schedule calms down, when my finances improve, when my kids grow up.”

What if God has big plans for you right now? You don’t need to wait for “someday." You can make the most of this one life you have right now! Join us for this powerful new series that will help you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan for you—both here and now and for eternity. Life is short.

We only get one shot. Let’s work together to MAKE.IT.COUNT. August 5-26.

Most Likely To

We all remember our high school yearbooks and our classmates who were most likely to succeed, most likely to be president, and most likely to (fill in the blank). But did you know the Bible is full of“most likely tos” as well? Join us for a fun, unique series that will introduce you to some of the most interesting people in Scripture—including Samson, Noah, Abraham, Esther, and David. You'll be inspired by men and women who most likely saw themselves as unlikely people to be the most likely to make a difference. Most likely, you’ll agree! See you there . . . June 24-July 22.

Fatherhood: Getting It Right