It's a Wonderful Mess

It’s Christmastime and that means it’s time to show everyone how harmonious and happyyour family is, right? But for almost all of us, Christmas is generally more about havoc than Hallmark. Our family gatherings can make the Griswolds from Christmas Vacation seem well-adjusted and normal. If Christmas with your family looks less than picture-perfect, join the club! In It’s a Wonderful Mess, we’ll look at your family from God’s perspective. And you just might be surprised to discover that your mess brings God’s best. You may just find that your mess—as messy as it is—is wonderful!

I Can See Clearly Now

When Anxiety Attacks

When Anxiety Attacks it causes nervousness. It brings tension. It can even be paralyzing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We weren’t created to live in a constant state of anxiety. God’s plan for you doesn’t include stress, being burned out, and always feeling exhausted. It’s not His desire for us to live in fear. Instead, step boldly into the peace that God offers you even . . . When Anxiety Attacks.

The Monster in Me

More frightening than the Boogeyman. More seductive than a vampire’s kiss. More destructive than alien invaders from another galaxy. It will numb your soul, steal your life, and threaten your most treasured relationships. Its lair is found in the last place anyone wants to look: the dark and mysterious depths of your heart. Left to its own, it will grow in power and influence, like a lab experiment gone terribly wrong. But this monster has a weakness. It can be defeated. You can escape its clutches. What is this monster that dwells within each of us? In this new message series, you’ll learn what it is, and you will be given the weapons needed to destroy it. Join us to learn how you can overcome this monster and save your world, forever.


Slow your roll. This may be the best advice you get all year. But what exactly does it mean? Well, when someone is “on aroll,” it means they are enthusiastically following an idea, a plan, or a line of action. This enthusiasm has the person moving quickly forward and perhaps not thinking things through. But we all know there are times in life when we just need to . . . simplify. Life can be crazy—like outta-control crazy. And sometimes the best thing we can do is learn to simplify. Because sometimes simpler is better. Join us for a new series that will shed some much-needed biblical insight on how to slow down and . . . wise up!

Hope in Action


So much of the American dream revolves around getting to a place in life where we are comfortable. But that’s not what God wants for us. God invites us into a life of risk, adventure, and action . . . and most of the time that makes us, well, uncomfortable. So we opt for staying stuck in search of comfort.

Staying stuck ultimately keeps us from realizing and reaching our full potential in Jesus Christ. In this series we’ll learn the steps we can take to find courage, face our fears, and become who God intends us to be. If we are going to allow God to accomplish anything worthwhile through us, even the smallest of somethings, we may just have to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

At the Movies

In the quiet darkness of a movie theater, we're glued to the screen. We laugh, cry,and cheer as the story connects to something deeper within us. But can these larger-than-life moments teach us about the world we live in? We believe they can. Join us for a blockbuster message series beginning June 23 as together we search for timeless truths revealed in Hollywood's biggest films.

Series runs June 23-July 21.