Join us for Christmas. It might look a little different this year, but one thing remains the same: the reason for the season. Yes, that might seem a little “cliché,” but it’s true.

Rarely in our lifetime have we needed HOPE more than we do in 2020. Throughout a year that’s included a global pandemic and increasing amounts of fear, anxiety, and worry in both our personal and professional lives. Throughout a year of social and political unrest. It’s been increasingly hard to see HOPE.

But... Hope is here. It’s never left because He has never left. And He offers hope through Himself for our own lives and for the world. Hope for the young and for the old, for the sinner and the saint. Hope is here because Jesus is here.

Join us online Christmas Eve, December 24, beginning at 1 p.m. and available on demand throughout the weekend as we celebrate and remember the arrival of that hope. There will be no in-person services.