We believe that partnering with parents is the most effective way to impact our kids. So, everything we do centers around putting families first. It’s important for us to have creative environments where your family can learn incredible truths about Jesus Christ.

Our philosophy in Family Ministry is Orange. Orange is what happens when the love of the family (RED) and the light of the church (YELLOW) combine their efforts and get on the same page when it comes to their children. It is a philosophy that believes there can be greater impact when we are all moving toward the same goal.

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The Rainforest is our preschool environment for children from birth through Pre-K. Each week, we work to teach every child three things: God made you, God loves you, and Jesus wants to be your friend forever.

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Velocity is our environment for grades K-5. In Velocity we believe that the Bible is never boring, that good leaders always care, and that we can have fun.To help students keep God as a priority as they grow, we emphasize three things: wisdom, faith and friendship. In other words, we want all Velocity aged kids to learn that they can trust God no matter what, that they need to make wise choices, and that they need to treat others the way they want to be treated – all before they reach middle school!

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The Collective is our environment for grades 6-12. Collective REMIX is for our middle schoolers and happens each week, while Collective NIGHTS is for those in high school and happens once a month. In each environment students experience a combination of games, music, teaching, and a small group environment where they build relationships and grow in their faith

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