We all know people who are living with walls that are shattered. People in your life are hurting. Relationships are broken. Marriages are broken. Families are broken. What if God was calling you and me - ordinary people - to fight for them. What if He wanted to use you to help rebuild their walls and heal their brokenness? How? By leading or facilitating one of our new small groups that kick off September 8.

The story of Nehemiah proves the impact that an individual can have on our relationships and communities. He was convicted and didn’t just see what was but what it should be. Nehemiah built the wall and gates around his city in just 52 days.

Together we are taking 52 days, September 8-October 31, to challenge ourselves to be intentional and build the wall and gates back into our lives. We want to be moved with compassion the same way Nehemiah was to care for those around us. Even the name Nehemiah means comfort. We believe that by connecting with a small group, RoundTable or other resource, God can use us as we connect with people, care for our relationships, and comfort those around us.


Here at NewPointe, we have found that the best place for sustained life change to occur is within intentional relationships. That's why we want to see every person in a healthy group.




A simple, non-threatening way to discuss NewPointe’s message by exploring three simple questions: What did you hear? (What most impacted you?) What do you think? (Did it challenge, change, or affirm your thinking?) What will you do? (How will you put into practice?) A limited supply of copies are available at the Info Desk.


It’s what you get when you smash a Bible together with a journal – a Journible. The study of Scripture and the art of journaling helps you retain more of God’s Word and improve your Bible study. Pen to paper is a great approach and helps you to slow down, learn and reflect on God’s Word, and respond. A limited supply of books are for sale at the Info Desk or Bookstore for $10 each.


We all get stuck at times and go through the motions. Getting unstuck requires a personal renovation plan. Online videos walk you through how your beliefs can drive your behaviors, what it means to have a new identity as a follower of Jesus, how forgiveness leads to freedom, and what it looks like to stay connected to God as you renovate your life.


A person’s character-based values are what attracts us or repels us, and it’s often what makes or breaks relationships. In just 30-60 minutes you will read, discuss, and reflect on a character principle. Very simple, but highly effective as you share experiences and grow in your character. A limited supply of books are available at the Info Desk or Bookstore for $5 each or download here for free.


Do life together with a group of people based around a shared interest or activity that includes praying, studying, and serving others.


The largest library of on-demand biblical videos anywhere. Over 20,000 topics that include books of the Bible, marriage, parenting, recovery, leadership, finances, and much more. We’ve given you free access.


Life happens and things get difficult – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When you find yourself or your loved ones in difficult situations, connect with others for support around these common experiences and concerns.


Start a group with friends and other parents you know, or take some time each night and learn about the 4 Emotional, 4 Social, and 4 Spiritual milestones every child should be working through from childhood to adolescence.


No matter where you are or who you are, there is a group for you!